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AE Collaboration
Our goal has been to provide complete custom designed integrity management services. This is achieved by forming alliance with specialized pipeline integrity management companies to provide the client a turnkey solution under one umbrella. Allied Engineers continues to form such associations to allow inorganic growth for the company.

Our Associates:

marr_logo   Marr Associates, Canada: A global leader and a pioneer for pipeline integrity management. Has been at the forefront of 'Direct Assessment' for the past 15 years, worked with over 50 pipeline operators, assessing more than 90,000 kms of SCC and External Corrosion modeling and direct examination experience. The techniques and methodologies that Marr Associates have developed internally for Direct Assessment have gained international recognition and are adopted as the quasi industry standards.
broadsword_logo   Broadsword Corrosion, Canada: A complete solution provider in the field of Corrosion Detection & Monitoring, Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Economics, Modeling for life extension analysis and Internal Corrosion Assessment for offshore and onshore pipelines. Their proprietary fluid modeling software enpICDA™ predicts internal corrosion rates for dry gas, wet gas and multiphase liquid products. The Internal Corrosion assessment techniques (ICDA) developed by Broadsword are part of the international industry standards for assessment.

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Our Principals:

energyflow_logo   “Quest Integrity, USA”

In the forefront of using high technology solutions in the development and delivery of Asset integrity management in the refining and chemical, pipeline, syngas and power industries. Their services include:
  • Furnace tube inspection for the refining and chemical industries using FTISTM
  • In-line Ultrasonic based inspection of critical “difficult to inspect” unpiggable piping / pipeline using HYDRATM and INVISTATM
  • Steam Reformer Tube inspection for the refining and syngas industry using LOTISTM / MANTISTM
  • Fitness-for-service assessment, Remaining life assessment, Structural Integrity, Failure Analysis and Materials consulting for various industries.

They specialize in condition assessment for fired heater coils, unpiggable pipelines, steam reformer tubes, storage tanks, gas turbines and other assets.






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energyflow_logo   NDT Systems & Services, Germany

Global leaders for inspecting pipelines using instrumented intelligent pigging tools and providing Inline Inspection (ILI) based on UT and MFL technology. The oldest ILI company and pioneers of MFL pigging, Tuboscope Pipeline Services was merged into NDT in 2008. Services offered by NDT:

- Intelligent Pigging of pipelines by

a) Ultrasonics based ILI

  • Standard resolution
  • High resolution,
  • Pitting configuration (most accurate tool available today!)
  • Cracking configuration for seam welds, axial, circumferential cracks

b) Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology

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energyflow_logo   Clock Spring Company, USA

World leaders in “permanent” repair of pipelines using composite sleeves- guaranteeing 50+ years of repair service!!

Clock Spring is an engineered repair service for permanent reinforcement of corrosion defects associated with high pressure transmission pipelines and pipeline frameworks. It is applicable on defects like General Corrosion, Pitting Corrosion, leaks, bend repairs, weld defects etc.

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Different products available for different operating conditions:

  • Composite Sleeves: 50 year DOT approved repair system for high pressure transmission pipelines. Restores full strength to pipelines with up to 80% external wall loss with no upper pressure limit.
  • Snap Wrap: Pipe repair system for lines operating at 500 PSI (34.5 bar) or below.
  • Pipe Support: Heavy duty double composite sleeve. Easy installation with minimum clearance required. Cures in two hours.
  • Contour: Custom engineered advanced composite repair products. Repair elbows, tees, reducers, and other complex geometries.
  • Leak Stop: Leak stop product with pressure limit upto 294 psi.
  • Water activated: Quick curing pipe repair product for deep sea under water repairs.

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cfer_final   C-FER Technologies, Canada: An engineering company operating as a subsidiary of the Alberta Research Council (ARC). The Pipeline Division of C-FER specializes in developing solution related to the design, assessment, construction and integrity management for both onshore and offshore pipelines. They specialize in solving problems that do not have standard engineering solutions, creating innovative technologies that reduce cost, increase revenue, extend the life of systems and ensure regulatory compliance.

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